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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The case of the missing chicken.

A week from today (or something like that), Mary Paddock (my mother) placed two frozen chicken packages on the counter, then she just left them there. Over the hour my family all went through the kitchen, seeing the two chickens placed there. But there was a moment of silence in the kitchen, no entered the kitchen, or left it, it was empty.

My mother went back into the chicken an asked, "Where did that chicken package go?" We all started to look for it; but we searched for an hour, still no sign of the chicken package. Another hour passed and still no sign of it at all. After a few minutes of research, here are the possibilities we suggested:

A. Aliens; we believe that aliens wanted to see what exactly we humans ate, so they froze time and abducted the chicken package and unfroze time and left. The proof for this, well there isn't exactly any, but there was a short time where I didn't remember anything, so that obvious proof that aliens did it.

B. Solomon, the dog we put down a few weeks ago, came back from the dead and took it. The proof for this is, when he was still alive, he loved chicken, and few days ago a bottle high up on the counter, was found in another dogs bed, the cap screwed off and completely open. The strange thing is, we started taking those vitamins when he was older, and he hated them. So he may of figured the other dog would like them.

C. A vortex in our house took it. The proof for this is, objects just disappear around our house. Here's an actual documented case of this happening:
Me and my brother[s] were just throwing a toy ball over the house, we had thrown it over many more times before, and it always landed on the other side of the house. It was my toy ball and I wanted it back, but my brother said, 'no' and through it over any way. We all ran over to the other side of the house, but the toy ball was nowhere to be found. We all looked around but it was NOWHERE AT ALL! We looked and looked and still nothing, we even went on the roof, it wasn't there either, still to this day, that toy ball is missing, nowhere to be found.

After careful observation, possibility (B) is the most possible out of all of them, but possibility (C) has strong support to. Really, we do not no where it is today, strange.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

I've always found it creepy when a website emails you saying they 'miss' you.

So I was just cleaning out my inbox, and you know what I saw? I saw an email from a website that I signed up for a long while back that said, "We've miss you!" Now I just find it creepy how a website, 'misses you.' It isn't thoughtful, or nice, but it's just plain creepy. Knowing that a website 'misses you.' Because all of it is just some coding, but it has the ability to feel emotion? I personally find this very creepy, but you may not think about it.

But it doesn't just feel sadness, it can feel anger and happiness too. Website will email me saying that they are 'happy' that I signed up for them, or they are angry that you have broken their rules.

I just fined this concept rather creepy, I know it's automatic, but who knows? Maybe a website really can miss you.

The Other Gods, first chapter.

The Other Gods

Chapter: 1

Another day in heaven. Not one thing wrong, all the things in universe were working perfectly together, not one thing wrong at all. Except a conflict between two people. Well, not really people, they weren’t like you or me. They were a little more important, a little more major then you or me; they weren’t people at all, they were Gods.

Some of the most important Gods too. Zeus and Ares were arguing over one of the most argued matters even before Zeus over threw the titans. The idea of creating more Gods and Goddess.

“I’M TELLING YOU ZEUS THIS IS A HORRIBLE IDEA!” Ares was filled with rage, his voice echoed through the entire earth, but it only sounded like thunder to the people. “THE LAST GODS WERE HORRIBLE! ALL THEY DID IS SIT AROUND AND DO NOTHING BUT GET THE THINGS THEY WANTED!”

“Well maybe these will be a lot better off!” Zeus was a considerable amount calmer then Ares. “Especially if you teach them Ares! They never did pay attention to me, but maybe they will pay attention you!” Zeus didn’t seem to understand what Ares was saying. “Besides what was the worst thing those Gods did wrong?”

Ares just stared at Zeus for several seconds before saying, “Well let’s see, the God of Jokes you created told the people to build ‘a magnificent temple ten stories to honor your God’s name!’ Then after fifteen years of construction on those poor people’s part, he said good job! Then he knocked it all down and laughed, then turned all of their live stock pink and green!”

Zeus laughed and said, sitting down in his huge throne, “So? It was pretty funny you have to admit that!”

Ares could not believe what he was hearing; and the fact that it was coming out of Zeus mouth made the entire thing worst! Ares hesitated and said, “Lord Zeus, do you honestly think that these Gods will be any better?”

There was no hesitation on Zeus part when he said, “Well they might be better.”


“Well they would be better if you taught them!” Zeus smiled and smiled at Ares. But it wasn’t really a pleasant smile. It was a smile that said, you’re going to do this rather you like or not .

“But—“Ares started to argue, but he stopped. He knew if he continued to argue, Zeus would do something unspeakable. “Very well.” Ares sighed.

“Great! I’ll create them tomorrow!” Zeus smiled, staring at Ares.

Ares knew what Zeus was going to ask next. He knew the answer Zeus wanted to hear. But Ares really didn’t want to answer them. But he had to otherwise he could be in deep trouble.

“Now,” Zeus said happily, “What Gods do you think I should create? Maybe another god of jokes . . . those tend to be really funny. What do you think Ares?”

“NO!” Ares shouted with anger. “WE DO NOT NEED ANOTHER ONE OF THOSE!”

“Why not?” Zeus asked Ares; shooting him an expression that said, I am going to do it anyway.

Ares knew Zeus would do it anyway but he just had to say, “Remember what I told you what the last one did to those people?”

“So?” Zeus frowned. “Well I’m going to do it anyway.”

“Yes Zeus.” Ares said, walking out of the room.

“But before you go, Ares, what other gods do you think I should create?”

“That’s completely up to you Zeus.” Ares glared; but Zeus couldn’t see it.

“Alright then.” Zeus said happily.

When Ares was walking down the stone hall, he thought to himself, “how about a god of stupidity? That would be your one and true god . . .”

Friday, November 5, 2010

Scene from my book: The Walking Man

Here it is :)

The Walking man

Chapter: 4

Jack’s dream started out with him and Annie still alive, but then it faded into blackness, then a man’s face formed and started saying this:

“His eyes are a cold dark green, his hair as dark as the night sky, his skin is as pale as snow. What he wanted was really unknown; all the people knew was that he was human, but now, he’s something else. He is something not even all of the scientists in the world could even start to explain.

No one knows where he came from. But they see him every day, and all they see him do, day or night, is walking.

Some say that he’s looking for a lost loved one. Some say that he’s looking for a treasure that doesn’t exist anymore. Some say he’s a lost soul, just looking for a way off of this dreadful planet. But others say that he’s much more than any of those things. The others say that he is an evil being. A demon, or even the devil.

But the truth is, no one really knows what he is.

But where he is right now, is right outside your house . . . watching you Jack Hempton. HE WANTS YOU DEAD, AND SO DO I!”

Jack woke up, breathing heavily, and sweating.

“It was just a dream, it was just a dream.” Jack kept telling himself until he calmed down. Jack looked around his pitch black room, nervously. He almost fell asleep, until he heard a loud screeching sound, outside his house. He looked out his window, a shadow went by it, and when it passed, the window was completely frosted.

Jack immediately jumped out of bed and through his house he ran, and out the door. He looked around, but all he saw were three things, this “Walking Man” wasn’t running he was standing about 3 feet into the moonlight forest, there were scratches all over the front of his house, and the third thing was something he couldn’t believe, words were carved into a tree that said, “your turn . . .

“My turn? What—“Jack turned around and he saw the man standing there, with an unfriendly grin on his face. “What do you—“before Jack could finish that sentence he was being pressed up against wall.

“Hello, Jack.” The Man said in a voice that seemed to echo coldly through Jack’s heart.

Jack was suddenly on the ground. He started to feel like he was on fire; and he couldn’t move. Then he felt like he was drowning. Then it just stopped, he could move he could breath, but he smelted something, like smoke nearby.

He turned his over to his right, nothing. He turned his head to his left, he couldn’t believe it; his neighbors house was completely up in flames. His first instinct was to get up and call the fire department, but they went race down the road, and started spraying water on the flames, which didn’t seem to make the flames go down at all.

Then Jack heard a voice it wasn’t one of horror, or of sorrow, but it was, “Those people should know by now, they can’t stop me . . .”

Jack couldn’t believe what he just heard. Who would say such a thing? But then Jack realized, it wasn’t anyone nearby. It was the same voice that said, “Hello Jack.”


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The first Chile miner is out!

Heres a screenshot of when the capsule came up:

Friday, October 1, 2010

I like animations. . .

This is an animation I made in a program called Pivot Stick figure Animation enjoy!:

Thursday, September 23, 2010

One visitor from Russia!

I was looking at my globe on my blog (it shows where people have visited from), and apparently, I have one visitor from Russia. . . I wonder who this mysterious stranger is? And who are they? Anyone know who it might be?

Friday, September 17, 2010

First Generation

A story about people who travel to Mars and have to adapt. But they're not the only ones on
Mars. . . there are others.

First section:

First Generation:

The Arrival

It was dead, more dead than anything anyone on the First Generation expected, the heat was piercing through their suits, but the air was as adequate as earth has. The soil was red, and made of mostly clay and other substances. Most of the First Generation went back inside, to cool off, or to rest after their long trip. Few remained outside.

Captain J. Hammer smiled and asked, “One hundred years of Terraforming, one billion dollars, for this?” He was staring out in the dead Martian desert.

“I suppose so. . .” Dr. Jim responded; he was one of the many scientists they had with them.

“They question is--” the captain stopped “--why?”

“Because we could.” Dr. Jim said, him too staring out into the Martian desert.

“Well that’s an idiotic reason,” said one of the crew members who only heard a small part of the conversation, “I mean ‘Because we could’ isn’t a good reason at all! It’s the worst reason to terraform a planet! We’ve all ready terraformed the moon for goodness sake!”

“I know,” the captain said, “but it wasn’t up to us. It was International Space Agency idea! Not ours! Believe me if it was up to me, I would of stayed on the moon! It’s closer to home, and warmer.” The captain said angrily.

“Yes, it is idiotic, but it’s a step closer to getting out of the solar system.” Dr. Jim shot back the Captain.

“Don’t you have duties to attend to, Doctor?” The captain said stared at Dr. Jim

“Yes,” the scientist started to walk off then stopped and said to the captain without looking at him, “don’t you, captain?”

The captain was getting irritated, and said glaring his eyes, “Yes, yes I do.”

The both walked into the same direction, without looking at each other.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Thats it. . . I'm hooked on fishin'!

That's it, I'm 100% hooked on fishing; thanks to one little camping trip I went on with my parents.
It took just one little cast out into the water, JUST ONE, before I was hooked. My dad knew I was hooked when I said: "I almost had a big one! But it got away!" WITCH IT DID!

I was that close to getting a big one! But no. . . it got away thanks to one little wiggle on its part! Stupid fish! That close, so very, very close!

Oh well, they'll be other times right? And when me and my dad go fishing tomorrow, I know I'll catch the fish that got away! I KNOW IT!

Friday, August 6, 2010

V.B.S Vacation Bible School.

Got back from the LAST day of being a helper at V.B.S; and I got to say, the other past years were slightly better. Just a little more decorations and a little more organized. But it was still pretty fun!

The first days challenge was: 'Get it!"
The second day was: 'Get found!"
The third day was: 'Get Gods love!'
The fourth was: 'Get praying!"
And finally, the fifth day was : 'Get going!'

The entire theme of it was, I believe, rain forest theme. That meant there were posters and such of rain forest animals, and trees. I was a helper with the games, the game on the first day was, well. . . we had a bunch of 'sheep' (A.K.A white balloons) and we had a line, we had to hit the
'sheep' to the next person, then finally, the last person put it in a laundry basket. All the kids played, but of course, being a helper, I played too; there were a lot of other games, but that one was the funnest.

I'm not going to just focus on the big details, but the little ones to.
The (I think) fourth graders were all boys, and they called them selves "The dude club, from D.C". Great group, great group. . . but some of them were,a little, "distracted".

Then the fifth and sixths graders (thats the grade I would of been in, except I chose to be a helper) was the all girls club. Not one single boy.

Then there were the preschoolers, and we were letting them play with the balloons, and putting them in bags, and at one point a girl named "Audry" was going to put one in a bag, then a little boy named Phillip was just trying to be helpful and finish putting the balloon in there for her; that didn't end well. . . Audry started crying and said to Phillip, "YOU BOY!" So Phillip froze, and I could tell by the expression on his face, that he was confused.

So. . . that is my report on V.B.S :-)
I will be uploading pictures soon.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Okay, it's getting a little creepy.

I downloaded Google earth recently, and I realized that even though you may not realize it, you, yourself can be a little creepy. You can just type in old friends addresses and look at there houses, or when you're there you can look at complete strangers houses.

"Oh thats a nice car they have!" You may think while staring at a strangers house. You may not realize it, but that is pretty creepy. How would you react when you see a complete stranger walking by your house and they just stop and just stay there and stare. Would you feel a little creeped out; and wanna call the cops?

Now I'm not saying Google earth is a bad idea, it's just how creepy you can be on it. So just try when you're looking at some olds friends house, try not to look at strangers houses. It's just plane creepy.

Friday, June 11, 2010

"Goodbye precious memories!"

"Goodbye precious memories!" Says a 40 year old man who is still living with his mother, in her basement; on the computer hacking peoples computers and deleting there precious family pictures, and or memories.

It's people like them who are the only ones that play games like Evony, and Dragons and dungeons.

"They are the ones who sit in dark corners all day and make things that humanity hates, like algebra." Says my brother Joseph.

Those 40 year old men also sit in front of comments of news articles just looking for some one to flame. In my mind these people must have some kind of mental disease. A disease that makes them hate humanity for simple little things like: they didn't get that ice cream cone they wanted when they were little so they started to hate humanity.

These people are sad, they are lonely, and they have no lives or friends. They just want a friend or companion.

But some of them just simply hate humanity. So if some one hacks your computer and deletes some of there photos, or flames you for saying something in comments that "offends" them, don't feel bad or anything, just remember: they act like big people online, but in real life, they are 40 year old men who are everything I just describe above, they are simply, nerds. . .

Saturday, June 5, 2010

You know whats irritating about writing. . .?

You you sit down in-front of the computer and say: "Okay now I'm going write! But first check my email, then play some solitaire, read an article or two . . ." ect. Then when you finally sit down in-front of your story you start to type, and then you think: "Hay! Wait, I just thought of another book!" Then you start write that one, then you get bored; and you go surf on the internet.

And when you FINALLY start to write your story, you think: "I'm to tired I'll write tomorrow." And you put of writing for a couple days. And thats irritating!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Ah, Friday nights with nothing to do...


Wait just a minute here. . . sure Friday nights can be fun; but what about those Friday nights when you have nothing to do? All you're friends are out somewhere, you put on movie after movie but non of them seem to be any good, you have no popcorn, and you have no reason to stay up?

Oh but it is my friends, oh but it is. Trust me, it's happened to me.


Um for starters, not all Friday nights are going to be jammed pack full of fun. Sometimes they can be quite boring. Like last Friday night, I had nothing to do. There were no good movies, no friends of mine were visiting, no popcorn, and no reason to stay up. So you see? Not all friday nights are going to be super fun.

"Um, well . . ."

Exactly. Friday nights can be boring.

Very boring indeed. Muhahaha!

Monday, May 17, 2010

You know . . . I just realized something about 2012

Now think about that image; isn't it ironic how the Mayans predicted that the world would end in 2012, and how Sarah Palin might run for president?
Just think about it.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The shape of time


Part 1: the shape of time.

Most people think that time is a series of happenings that effect our lives; others may think it’s just all one big straight line that we can do whatever we want to with. . . but it’s so much more.

Time is fragile you do one thing and another happens. That event is often called the butterfly effect. For example; you step on a butterfly and the computer was never even invented! But here’s a better example:

You throw a stone about a yard then you walk away. But a little while later, someone trips on that stone and they ask themselves: “Hmm what if I . . .” And that may lead to the invention of the first safe, and drivable hover car. But it may also lead to the end of the world!

The actual shape of time is far more complicated. It’s not just one big straight line (which many people think it is). It’s more like a tree. The butterfly effect is the thing in the tree that help the trees cells multiply; the set of chemical reactions may represent the people and what they do. But everything they do sets off the “chemicals” to force the cell to go through mitoses. And that clone, or copy of the cell is another universe or time line; not exactly parallel to its original producer but it’s not exactly an exact copy of its producer. So speaking that way about time, the copy of the original producer has some similar features but it’s not completely alike.

So time is more of an ever growing tree. But then again . . . it’s not like time will go on forever. Almost all trees have their end. But then again time may go on forever, just there will be one difference, man and women kind may not be in it anymore.

Because war is tearing all human kind apart. It’s wiping us out. So if we ever get wiped out, there will be no one to continue to make the cells multiply anymore. And the tree will stop growing. And the very tip top of the tree will be the end of time. The animals will not continue because they have their own way of life, and their version of life is a whole different tree. The only reason we can see, feel, and touch them is because we are co-existing with them. So they’ll probably live on, but we wont.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

My camera is back on :)

The plants above are close to our back road
Those blue plants seemed to just come up!
I had to lay on my belly to get that one!
I also had to lay on my belly to get that one.

I'm happy very happy to have my camera back on, and it's just at the right time too, it's starting to turn to spring!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My tentative plans for: The Walking Man

I'm working on a book called The Walking Man.
Okay so here's basically the story line:
Jack Hempton a man living in Billings Montana, found out that his grandparents were killed by no-one really knows what (or who).
So he travels to a city in Alabama named Red-Falls (because that's where his grandparents were killed). But after a car accident he was in he finds out about someone called: The Walking Man.
And the strange thing is. . . no one really knows what he is.
"Some say he's Jesus of Nazareth! Others say he's the Devil. . ."
Quote a character in my story named Motel.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Just some pictures

Some picture I took just yesterday, some I took a few days ago.
Hope you liked them!

This one is Oscar.

I call this one the first bloom of spring.

This is just a good picture in general.

I find this one really interesting, because there is snow all around it, but non underneath.

Believe it or not this is inside a hollow tree.
I just put my camera in there and took a picture.
Looks like inside a cave doesn't it?

Bruno the Squirrel

You're about to learn about my family's "favorite" Squirrel.

Big, fat, stupid and a squirrel!

“That’s Bruno in a nut shell,” as my brother Joseph says. And he would know because he’s the one who runs out there and shoots him with the BB gun almost every morning.

Bruno is the stupidest squirrel we have (no we don’t keep them as pets), yes there are others. Here’s one of Bruno’s stupidest moments:

There were a bunch of squirrels out in the front yard and Joe saw them so he ran out there with the BB gun. All of them ran off, except for one . . . guess who? Yep it’s the squirrel we all know and love. Bruno.

Bruno also has some little friends; Charley, and Larry. Altogether we all refer to as the three stooges. One stupider then the other. Charley is the newest “addition” to the stooges; Charley only came along about three or four days ago. And Larry is the second newest “addition”. But Bruno is the first.

Bruno came along shortly after we hung the bird feeder. I’m pretty sure I know what Bruno was thinking when he saw them. It was probably something like this:

“Ok now I start my new diet of just acorns and no more bird seed!”

But when he saw our feeders: “Mm those look pretty tasty, maybe one little piece won’t hurt.” But when he took that one little piece: “Mm those are tasty, yes?” And it pretty much went from there. Then he told his other little squirrel friends about this heavenly food. Then they started coming, so . . . that’s probably how it got started.

We hope one day our cat Zoe will make Bruno just “disappear” and never come back again.

I do not currently have any photos of Bruno or his friends. But once I do, you’ll see what we mean by “the three stooges”. Especially Bruno.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Desmond T. Doss, the conscientious objector

Desmond T.Doss

The conscientious objector

Desmond T. Doss, great man, great Christian, possibly the greatest war hero ever. But the thing about him was: he never used, or touched a gun in his life. Well except for one time . . . when he was a child.

One time Desmond’s uncle was over for a visit. But Desmond’s dad and uncle got very drunk, and then they got in a big fight with each other (the sad thing was: no one knew what the fight was about). After a lot of fighting Desmond’s dad pulled out a gun and was ready to shoot Desmond’s uncle.

But suddenly Desmond’s mom jumped in-between them and took the gun and said to Desmond: “Go hide this so your father won’t get in trouble!”

Then Desmond was off, with the gun in his hand. Then he buried it then came running back, but it was too late the cops had put hand cuffs on Desmond’s dad threw him in the truck then drove away; taking Desmond’s dad to jail. For then on Desmond swore he would never touch or use a gun again.

When Desmond voluntarily joined the Army in April 1942 he got shipped to Boot camp where he underwent serious training and criticism. People were making fun of him because he was praying at his bed, and they were saying other mean things to him too.

At one point he asked for Saturday off because he was a Seven-day Adventist. Though he did get a lot of heat, they did give him Saturday off. But when it Sunday they gave Desmond all the nastiest jobs.

Then he got shipped to another Boot camp in the desert. Where a lot of people ran off and were never seen again, and that meant they probably died. Then they got news that the entire 77th division (that what was the division Desmond was in) was shipping to an island near Japan called Okinawa. Then Desmond got news that his brother was joining the Navy, and this would be the last chance to see his brother that he hadn’t seen in many years for a couple years. So he went to get his papers so he could go see his brother for a week then come back. But when he got there he ran into Captain Cunningham (who he had met before in the Boot camp in the desert). Another thing that happened was: while Desmond was tying a rope, he made a little discovery that was an accident; but is still being used to this day: a double knot rope.

There was little dialog between them but here basically what happened: “Hello.” Desmond said to Cunningham.

“I’m going to drop this gun on the floor and you better pick it up!”Cunningham said to Desmond. Then he dropped it on the floor but Desmond didn’t pick it up.

“I SAID I’M GOING TO DROP THIS GUN ON THE FLOOR AND YOU BETTER PICK IT UP!” So he dropped it on the floor again but Desmond still didn’t pick it up.

“I SAID –“

“Sir it says on his papers he’s a conscientious objector. His belief doesn’t allow him to use, or even touch a gun,” said a man you just stepped in the room.

“I DON’T CARE ABOUT HIS BELIEFS!” Then Cunningham picked up Desmond’s paper then tor them into pieces. And Desmond knew that he wouldn’t be seeing his brother for a long time. . .

Much later on Captain Cunningham sent one man to go check out a top of a hill, but he didn’t return. So he sent another one up, but they didn’t return. So he sent another man up, but they didn’t return either. So finally he sent Desmond and two other men up to go see what was happening. Turns out there were a lot of injured men up there. . . Desmond looked at it and thought: “I could put both of these around each of them for more safety and it make it easier to lower them down!” So Desmond put both of the knots around then lowered him down ,then another, then another, and so on. Finally after about 12 hours he got all of them down. The reason he got all of them down is because he knew the Japanese would torture any injured solider(s). One Japanese man reported that they saw Desmond and tried to shoot him but every time the trigger got jammed! In all he saved seventy-five men that day.

One time he was in his fox hole with the rest of his men, he saw a grenade heading straight for them! So he grabbed it jumped out of the hole but the grenade blew up, and did serious damaged his legs. He didn’t call for any help though, he just waited for the litter bearers to reach him and take him to cover. But when Desmond saw another injured man so he crawled off the litter and over to that man and directed the bearers to give attention to him. But then Desmond was hit a sniper bullet while being carried off the field by a comrade. Then he crawled the rest of the way to the aid stations.

The saddest thing for him was not that he got hurt but that he lost his Bible that day. But the word got out that he lost it, so all the 77th division went back to the battle ground and there they found Desmond’s bible. Then they immediately sent it back to Desmond which made Desmond very happy.

A few days later Desmond got word that he was being sent back home, but there was an award ceremony being held for him and a few other men.

So when he got to the ceremony President Truman gave him the Metal of Honor, and Truman said to Desmond: “This is a greater honor then being president!”

For you who want to know what he looked like at that time, he looked like this:

Monday, January 25, 2010

If I was an only child.

“Good bye!” I said when my mom and my three brothers, Daniel, Joseph, and Jeremiah, left to go to a Christian concert called: W.O.W (Weekend Of Worship). I was alone, except for my dad.

“Goodbye!” That word echoed in my head; and made me think.

It made me think of what if I didn’t have to say good bye. What if I had no siblings, if I was an only child . . .

What would my life be like? Who would I talk to? What would I do when I couldn’t see my friends for long periods of time?

But wait! No one would annoy me; no one would keep me up at night complaining about how they haven’t seen friends for month and months! I wouldn’t have to hear my two older brothers fighting about: “THAT’S MY HAIR GEL!” or, “STOP WEARING MY CLOTHES!” Oh joyous day no more complaining, or fighting! Oh happy day! Oooooohhhhh happy day!

But then again I do have good days with my brothers! Like sometimes we do joke around, and play games (Although most of the time the games don’t have plot. And when they do it’s usually not very realistic or creative). It’s not like we whack each other in the head with metal poles! Though we use to whack each other with sticks when we were little though, and throw rocks too. But we also defend each other against bullies from time to time.

When they came home I was glad to see them! Sure, I know all those types of things will start up again. But I really don’t want to be an only child. Like I said before I do have good days with my brothers and those make up for the bad ones.

Besides who would I annoy if I didn’t have any brothers?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tag: You're it: 8 Things

Debby over Life's Funny Like that. She tagged me, and now I'm tagging someone else.
I've been blogging for about a week or so; and she was one my very first followers!
Thanks for the support Debby!
You've been very nice.
Once again: thanks!

8 things about Sam

8 TV shows I watch

1. The Simpsons
2. House (When my mom lets me watch it.)
3. Heroes (But sometimes it get boring, and weird)
4. Football (Occasionally)
5. Animal Planet
6. Ghost Hunters
7. Myth busters
8. Spongebob Squarepants (Although sometime it just kind of weird)

8 favorite places to eat and drink

1. Home
2. Grandparent(s)
3. Pizza hut
4. Taco bell
5. Subway
6. Burger king(Occasionally, but definitely not all the time.)
7. Apple Bee’s (Although I’ve only been there once!)
8. Mexican restaurants

8 things I look forward to:
3.Hanging out with friends
4.Playing sports

8 things I love about winter:
1.Cold(Believe it or not. I like the cold)
2. Snow
3. The thing way it makes everything look
4. Hot chocolate
5. When there’s no school because too much ice or snow
6. Apple cider
7. No school!
8. Christmas!

8 things on my wish list:
1. Move to Montana
2. Visit Russia
3. Visit Africa
4. Go to Stonehenge
5. Go to Niagara Falls
6. Run for governor, or president
7. Climb Mt. Everest
8. Cure Tomato Blight(The tomato disease)

8 things I am passionate about
7.Climbing trees

8 things I have learned from the past
1. To be polite.
2.To do good or karma will work its ways.
3. To trust your instinct(s).
4. Don’t judge a book by its cover.
5. Don’t stereo type. (Like saying all French people are rude.)
6. Don’t take more than you can eat. (…I have a short story about that…)
7....Hmm, let me think.
8. Be quiet when other people are talking. (Though that’s kind of hard for me.)

8 things I want/need (Oh you shouldn’t of put this on here…)
1. Race car!
2. Bigger room!(I actually need this one!)
3. A pet lion, or wolf
4. Space ship!
5.100 gallon fish tank
6. An island
7. Salt water fish
8. A giant house

8 people I want to tag

My mom
The Frog Prince

Monday, January 18, 2010

Haiti--Our responsiblity

Haiti is an island located south of Florida, and east of the Gulf of Mexico with a population of about nine million. It was a third world country for quite a while. Until recently it has slowly been "crawling" out of being a third world country; which is very good!


A certain "incident" has happened that did indeed kill at least 10,000 people; and it might even be more…

"What?" you might ask.

The thing that did happen was an earthquake. 7.0 to be exact.

Bodies, bodies everywhere, and not enough places to bury them. That may seem a little harsh, or even sick! But it is the truth. (Unfortunately)

"So what? At least it is not me!" Someone may say.

You don't get it, do you? Thousands of people died, and all you can say is "So what?' And "at least it is not me!" They do have a special place in hell for people like you! (And for little boys who don't hug their mothers; of course!)

"Um… Well-"

Stop, just stop right there!

Stop being so self centered, and stop being a jerk!

"But- I'm not being a jerk or self centered! I'm just glad that I'm still alive!"

Oh sure because it wasn't you, and your still alive that makes everything alright?

Just because you're alright does not mean the rest of the world is alright!

Especially Haiti! Their suffering the most right now!


Yes very much so! In fact there are rumors of there being riots in some cities.

"Is there any one over there taking care of those people?"

Yes, actually! Doctors, and nurses, and a few other people.

"Is there any way I can help?"

Yes there are organizations out there helping out! You can donate money, food, clothes, and even a few toys for the children! Here are some of the links and locations:

Friday, January 15, 2010

Tera; my joy, but also my irritation...

Tera, is...
"Evil!" But also "Nice."
I got her from one of my brother's friends.
She said she was 6 weeks, but so was to small to be 6 weeks old... We suspected she was actually barely 4 weeks old...
The thing about Tera was: she never really grew up! She still acts like she's a kitten! She runs around pouncing on other cats, she's hyper almost all the time, and not to mention: she's just plain mean, and evil to the other cats!
But lately...
She's been acting very strange... She's been calling for me to lay down beside her, and when she can't reach me: she grabs her tail and starts carrying it around!

For a while, we were stumped!
We just couldn't figure out what is wrong...
Until we noticed she was treating me like a kitten...

But now we suspect it is a screwed up heat, and lately she's really not been that bad about it!
Which is very good!

But still...
We need all the prayers we can get; that this isn't something more serious then that...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Way of the Wind (First Chapter)

This is a story I've been working on for about three, or four months... Please keep in mind that this is just a second draft; so it's not complete yet! So there's bound to be some grammar, or spelling mistakes I'm not seeing. Please comment saying any spelling, or grammar mistakes I made. Also there probably a lot of weird spaces... But thats not me! Thats this blogging system thingy... Enjoy!

The Way of the Wind

Chapter One

6:00 AM Annie was still awake staring out the window. The rains of spring were starting to come. For whatever reason that not even Annie knew she liked the rain. It made her feel safe and comfortable; she guessed it was the way it smelled and the sound of it.

She was thinking about the boating accident that killed her mom, dad, sister, uncle, and aunt. But she just thought one day her mom would call up and everything would be alright; and her mother would invite her over and she would meet her family again.

Then she decided to get some breakfast then she stood up and walked into her kitchen, and opened her cabinet only to find some lucky charms, and lots of cans of fruit.

Annie sighed and grabbed the lucky charms and some canned peaches pulled up a chair and sat down with her bowl of cereal and her peaches. Then when she finished she got up to feed her orange lizard and her rat. “Hi there Mr. Pumpkin,” said Annie to the lizard. Then, as Annie walked in her living room, she saw her schedule there was five things on it:

1# Yoga with Tera on Tuesday.

2# Skiing lessons with Bill on Thursday.

3# Josh and Jins wedding on Saturday (note to self bring presents).

4#going to the movies on Monday.

5# Dinner with Mrs. Vinning on Wednesday.

Annie just kept staring at the board knowing she was only doing these things to fill the hole in her heart.

Annie sat back down, then heard knocking on the door. She was wondering who it was.

“Was it a robber?”

“Was it a friend?”

“Or was it her mother?”

She wondered.

“Well…” She thought. “It’s probably not a robber because robbers don’t usually knock.”

“It’s probably not my mother.”

“So it’s probably a friend.”

“But who?”

Then Annie slowly stood up and walked toward the door and reached at the door knob

and turned it.

“Hi Annie,” said a tall white man with brown hair and blue eyes.

“Hi Larry,” said Annie with happiness in her voice and bit of relief.

Annie always enjoyed Larry because he was strange but funny even though she thought he was homeless. But whenever she asked him about it he just responded “oh no I have a big white house with a fountain and a wife and kid.” So she just played along asking him how his wife or kid was doing or whatever. But then again Larry would disappear for weeks or months at a time. The longest he had ever been gone was about ten months and two weeks.

“So how’s your life been going?” asked Larry.

“Good. What about you?” responded Annie while looking at a picture of all her family smiling. A small tear dropped from her eye because it was like she was listening to what they were all saying but it was just all it her mind.

“Annie are you ok ?” asked Larry with concern in his voice.

“Yeah,” she said while quickly pulling her gaze away from the picture and looking at Larry. "Yeah. I’m ok. I’m just thinking.”

“Ok . I’m glad you’re alright,” said Larry while giving her a weird stare.

“Anyway dropped by to say hi! Well I better go . My kid is learning how to ride her bike. I’m[m5] not going to miss that even if the world is coming to an end.“Bye!"

Then Annie just watched Larry walk down the hall, then down the stairs until he disappeared.