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Monday, August 16, 2010

Thats it. . . I'm hooked on fishin'!

That's it, I'm 100% hooked on fishing; thanks to one little camping trip I went on with my parents.
It took just one little cast out into the water, JUST ONE, before I was hooked. My dad knew I was hooked when I said: "I almost had a big one! But it got away!" WITCH IT DID!

I was that close to getting a big one! But no. . . it got away thanks to one little wiggle on its part! Stupid fish! That close, so very, very close!

Oh well, they'll be other times right? And when me and my dad go fishing tomorrow, I know I'll catch the fish that got away! I KNOW IT!


  1. I have never caught a fish, although I have gone fishing. I don't actually like to eat fish all that much. I guess that rules me out as a fisherman, doesn't it? I better stick to vegetable gardens.

  2. Just because you don't catch anything, doesn't mean you're not a fisher women!

  3. I'm not much of a fisherman myself but every once in a while, when I go camping, I do like to dangle a rod in the water - there's something about catching one's own dinner that's quite appealing.