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Monday, August 16, 2010

Thats it. . . I'm hooked on fishin'!

That's it, I'm 100% hooked on fishing; thanks to one little camping trip I went on with my parents.
It took just one little cast out into the water, JUST ONE, before I was hooked. My dad knew I was hooked when I said: "I almost had a big one! But it got away!" WITCH IT DID!

I was that close to getting a big one! But no. . . it got away thanks to one little wiggle on its part! Stupid fish! That close, so very, very close!

Oh well, they'll be other times right? And when me and my dad go fishing tomorrow, I know I'll catch the fish that got away! I KNOW IT!

Friday, August 6, 2010

V.B.S Vacation Bible School.

Got back from the LAST day of being a helper at V.B.S; and I got to say, the other past years were slightly better. Just a little more decorations and a little more organized. But it was still pretty fun!

The first days challenge was: 'Get it!"
The second day was: 'Get found!"
The third day was: 'Get Gods love!'
The fourth was: 'Get praying!"
And finally, the fifth day was : 'Get going!'

The entire theme of it was, I believe, rain forest theme. That meant there were posters and such of rain forest animals, and trees. I was a helper with the games, the game on the first day was, well. . . we had a bunch of 'sheep' (A.K.A white balloons) and we had a line, we had to hit the
'sheep' to the next person, then finally, the last person put it in a laundry basket. All the kids played, but of course, being a helper, I played too; there were a lot of other games, but that one was the funnest.

I'm not going to just focus on the big details, but the little ones to.
The (I think) fourth graders were all boys, and they called them selves "The dude club, from D.C". Great group, great group. . . but some of them were,a little, "distracted".

Then the fifth and sixths graders (thats the grade I would of been in, except I chose to be a helper) was the all girls club. Not one single boy.

Then there were the preschoolers, and we were letting them play with the balloons, and putting them in bags, and at one point a girl named "Audry" was going to put one in a bag, then a little boy named Phillip was just trying to be helpful and finish putting the balloon in there for her; that didn't end well. . . Audry started crying and said to Phillip, "YOU BOY!" So Phillip froze, and I could tell by the expression on his face, that he was confused.

So. . . that is my report on V.B.S :-)
I will be uploading pictures soon.