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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Okay, it's getting a little creepy.

I downloaded Google earth recently, and I realized that even though you may not realize it, you, yourself can be a little creepy. You can just type in old friends addresses and look at there houses, or when you're there you can look at complete strangers houses.

"Oh thats a nice car they have!" You may think while staring at a strangers house. You may not realize it, but that is pretty creepy. How would you react when you see a complete stranger walking by your house and they just stop and just stay there and stare. Would you feel a little creeped out; and wanna call the cops?

Now I'm not saying Google earth is a bad idea, it's just how creepy you can be on it. So just try when you're looking at some olds friends house, try not to look at strangers houses. It's just plane creepy.


  1. Want to hear creepy? An acquaintance googled his house and was shocked to see his cat sitting on the step. The cat had died several months prior. It gave him a shock to see it sitting there just a real as could be. Do you ever wonder what shows up on Google Earth that is no longer of this world?

  2. I - I never thought about what wasn't there anymore. . . that is creepy.

  3. Just as well they didn't map my area when I was outside, naked, scaring the birds and the neighbours...