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Friday, February 19, 2010

Bruno the Squirrel

You're about to learn about my family's "favorite" Squirrel.

Big, fat, stupid and a squirrel!

“That’s Bruno in a nut shell,” as my brother Joseph says. And he would know because he’s the one who runs out there and shoots him with the BB gun almost every morning.

Bruno is the stupidest squirrel we have (no we don’t keep them as pets), yes there are others. Here’s one of Bruno’s stupidest moments:

There were a bunch of squirrels out in the front yard and Joe saw them so he ran out there with the BB gun. All of them ran off, except for one . . . guess who? Yep it’s the squirrel we all know and love. Bruno.

Bruno also has some little friends; Charley, and Larry. Altogether we all refer to as the three stooges. One stupider then the other. Charley is the newest “addition” to the stooges; Charley only came along about three or four days ago. And Larry is the second newest “addition”. But Bruno is the first.

Bruno came along shortly after we hung the bird feeder. I’m pretty sure I know what Bruno was thinking when he saw them. It was probably something like this:

“Ok now I start my new diet of just acorns and no more bird seed!”

But when he saw our feeders: “Mm those look pretty tasty, maybe one little piece won’t hurt.” But when he took that one little piece: “Mm those are tasty, yes?” And it pretty much went from there. Then he told his other little squirrel friends about this heavenly food. Then they started coming, so . . . that’s probably how it got started.

We hope one day our cat Zoe will make Bruno just “disappear” and never come back again.

I do not currently have any photos of Bruno or his friends. But once I do, you’ll see what we mean by “the three stooges”. Especially Bruno.


  1. Have you ever seen those bird feeders that are squirrel proof? They have a metal gridwork around them that are supposed to be big enough for the finches and other small birds to get in and out of, but not big enough for squirrels and morning doves and the like? Once, I was at my friend's house. He had one of these feeders. Much to our amazement, we watched a squirrel squeeze in. She ate her fill, but then was unable to get back out! We were in a pickle then. No one wanted to get bitten. Someone finally got the bright idea to call the wildlife sanctuary. We turned our backs to make the call (this was back in the old days when phones stayed in one place!), the squirrel managed to get out. Problem solved.

  2. Yea. . . Just yesterday our cat Zoe killed a squirrel, we're not sure if it was Bruno or one his little friends! We are all to disgusted to go look.