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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Way of the Wind (First Chapter)

This is a story I've been working on for about three, or four months... Please keep in mind that this is just a second draft; so it's not complete yet! So there's bound to be some grammar, or spelling mistakes I'm not seeing. Please comment saying any spelling, or grammar mistakes I made. Also there probably a lot of weird spaces... But thats not me! Thats this blogging system thingy... Enjoy!

The Way of the Wind

Chapter One

6:00 AM Annie was still awake staring out the window. The rains of spring were starting to come. For whatever reason that not even Annie knew she liked the rain. It made her feel safe and comfortable; she guessed it was the way it smelled and the sound of it.

She was thinking about the boating accident that killed her mom, dad, sister, uncle, and aunt. But she just thought one day her mom would call up and everything would be alright; and her mother would invite her over and she would meet her family again.

Then she decided to get some breakfast then she stood up and walked into her kitchen, and opened her cabinet only to find some lucky charms, and lots of cans of fruit.

Annie sighed and grabbed the lucky charms and some canned peaches pulled up a chair and sat down with her bowl of cereal and her peaches. Then when she finished she got up to feed her orange lizard and her rat. “Hi there Mr. Pumpkin,” said Annie to the lizard. Then, as Annie walked in her living room, she saw her schedule there was five things on it:

1# Yoga with Tera on Tuesday.

2# Skiing lessons with Bill on Thursday.

3# Josh and Jins wedding on Saturday (note to self bring presents).

4#going to the movies on Monday.

5# Dinner with Mrs. Vinning on Wednesday.

Annie just kept staring at the board knowing she was only doing these things to fill the hole in her heart.

Annie sat back down, then heard knocking on the door. She was wondering who it was.

“Was it a robber?”

“Was it a friend?”

“Or was it her mother?”

She wondered.

“Well…” She thought. “It’s probably not a robber because robbers don’t usually knock.”

“It’s probably not my mother.”

“So it’s probably a friend.”

“But who?”

Then Annie slowly stood up and walked toward the door and reached at the door knob

and turned it.

“Hi Annie,” said a tall white man with brown hair and blue eyes.

“Hi Larry,” said Annie with happiness in her voice and bit of relief.

Annie always enjoyed Larry because he was strange but funny even though she thought he was homeless. But whenever she asked him about it he just responded “oh no I have a big white house with a fountain and a wife and kid.” So she just played along asking him how his wife or kid was doing or whatever. But then again Larry would disappear for weeks or months at a time. The longest he had ever been gone was about ten months and two weeks.

“So how’s your life been going?” asked Larry.

“Good. What about you?” responded Annie while looking at a picture of all her family smiling. A small tear dropped from her eye because it was like she was listening to what they were all saying but it was just all it her mind.

“Annie are you ok ?” asked Larry with concern in his voice.

“Yeah,” she said while quickly pulling her gaze away from the picture and looking at Larry. "Yeah. I’m ok. I’m just thinking.”

“Ok . I’m glad you’re alright,” said Larry while giving her a weird stare.

“Anyway dropped by to say hi! Well I better go . My kid is learning how to ride her bike. I’m[m5] not going to miss that even if the world is coming to an end.“Bye!"

Then Annie just watched Larry walk down the hall, then down the stairs until he disappeared.


  1. Hello, Sam. Well, a brand new blog, and already I am going to break the rules. I will not comment on grammar or spelling or any of that. I will tell you this: God gives everyone special talents. Your talent is, obviously, story telling. You just keep on telling your stories, writing them down. The rest of it? That will come, my friend, that will come. You just continue refining your talent of being a story teller.

  2. Thank you VERY much!
    For your support!