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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The shape of time


Part 1: the shape of time.

Most people think that time is a series of happenings that effect our lives; others may think it’s just all one big straight line that we can do whatever we want to with. . . but it’s so much more.

Time is fragile you do one thing and another happens. That event is often called the butterfly effect. For example; you step on a butterfly and the computer was never even invented! But here’s a better example:

You throw a stone about a yard then you walk away. But a little while later, someone trips on that stone and they ask themselves: “Hmm what if I . . .” And that may lead to the invention of the first safe, and drivable hover car. But it may also lead to the end of the world!

The actual shape of time is far more complicated. It’s not just one big straight line (which many people think it is). It’s more like a tree. The butterfly effect is the thing in the tree that help the trees cells multiply; the set of chemical reactions may represent the people and what they do. But everything they do sets off the “chemicals” to force the cell to go through mitoses. And that clone, or copy of the cell is another universe or time line; not exactly parallel to its original producer but it’s not exactly an exact copy of its producer. So speaking that way about time, the copy of the original producer has some similar features but it’s not completely alike.

So time is more of an ever growing tree. But then again . . . it’s not like time will go on forever. Almost all trees have their end. But then again time may go on forever, just there will be one difference, man and women kind may not be in it anymore.

Because war is tearing all human kind apart. It’s wiping us out. So if we ever get wiped out, there will be no one to continue to make the cells multiply anymore. And the tree will stop growing. And the very tip top of the tree will be the end of time. The animals will not continue because they have their own way of life, and their version of life is a whole different tree. The only reason we can see, feel, and touch them is because we are co-existing with them. So they’ll probably live on, but we wont.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

My camera is back on :)

The plants above are close to our back road
Those blue plants seemed to just come up!
I had to lay on my belly to get that one!
I also had to lay on my belly to get that one.

I'm happy very happy to have my camera back on, and it's just at the right time too, it's starting to turn to spring!