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Monday, January 25, 2010

If I was an only child.

“Good bye!” I said when my mom and my three brothers, Daniel, Joseph, and Jeremiah, left to go to a Christian concert called: W.O.W (Weekend Of Worship). I was alone, except for my dad.

“Goodbye!” That word echoed in my head; and made me think.

It made me think of what if I didn’t have to say good bye. What if I had no siblings, if I was an only child . . .

What would my life be like? Who would I talk to? What would I do when I couldn’t see my friends for long periods of time?

But wait! No one would annoy me; no one would keep me up at night complaining about how they haven’t seen friends for month and months! I wouldn’t have to hear my two older brothers fighting about: “THAT’S MY HAIR GEL!” or, “STOP WEARING MY CLOTHES!” Oh joyous day no more complaining, or fighting! Oh happy day! Oooooohhhhh happy day!

But then again I do have good days with my brothers! Like sometimes we do joke around, and play games (Although most of the time the games don’t have plot. And when they do it’s usually not very realistic or creative). It’s not like we whack each other in the head with metal poles! Though we use to whack each other with sticks when we were little though, and throw rocks too. But we also defend each other against bullies from time to time.

When they came home I was glad to see them! Sure, I know all those types of things will start up again. But I really don’t want to be an only child. Like I said before I do have good days with my brothers and those make up for the bad ones.

Besides who would I annoy if I didn’t have any brothers?


  1. There are pros and there are cons to virtually every situation in life. It is up to you to decide if there are more pros than cons. Sounds like you're already figuring that one out.

    Oh. And one side note? Some of the most annoying kids I know are 'onlies'. Sam, if you didn't have siblings, you'd simply begin to annoy any handy adult!

  2. Thanks Debby!
    And your probably right, I would annoy any adult I see!