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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Okay, it's getting a little creepy.

I downloaded Google earth recently, and I realized that even though you may not realize it, you, yourself can be a little creepy. You can just type in old friends addresses and look at there houses, or when you're there you can look at complete strangers houses.

"Oh thats a nice car they have!" You may think while staring at a strangers house. You may not realize it, but that is pretty creepy. How would you react when you see a complete stranger walking by your house and they just stop and just stay there and stare. Would you feel a little creeped out; and wanna call the cops?

Now I'm not saying Google earth is a bad idea, it's just how creepy you can be on it. So just try when you're looking at some olds friends house, try not to look at strangers houses. It's just plane creepy.

Friday, June 11, 2010

"Goodbye precious memories!"

"Goodbye precious memories!" Says a 40 year old man who is still living with his mother, in her basement; on the computer hacking peoples computers and deleting there precious family pictures, and or memories.

It's people like them who are the only ones that play games like Evony, and Dragons and dungeons.

"They are the ones who sit in dark corners all day and make things that humanity hates, like algebra." Says my brother Joseph.

Those 40 year old men also sit in front of comments of news articles just looking for some one to flame. In my mind these people must have some kind of mental disease. A disease that makes them hate humanity for simple little things like: they didn't get that ice cream cone they wanted when they were little so they started to hate humanity.

These people are sad, they are lonely, and they have no lives or friends. They just want a friend or companion.

But some of them just simply hate humanity. So if some one hacks your computer and deletes some of there photos, or flames you for saying something in comments that "offends" them, don't feel bad or anything, just remember: they act like big people online, but in real life, they are 40 year old men who are everything I just describe above, they are simply, nerds. . .

Saturday, June 5, 2010

You know whats irritating about writing. . .?

You you sit down in-front of the computer and say: "Okay now I'm going write! But first check my email, then play some solitaire, read an article or two . . ." ect. Then when you finally sit down in-front of your story you start to type, and then you think: "Hay! Wait, I just thought of another book!" Then you start write that one, then you get bored; and you go surf on the internet.

And when you FINALLY start to write your story, you think: "I'm to tired I'll write tomorrow." And you put of writing for a couple days. And thats irritating!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Ah, Friday nights with nothing to do...


Wait just a minute here. . . sure Friday nights can be fun; but what about those Friday nights when you have nothing to do? All you're friends are out somewhere, you put on movie after movie but non of them seem to be any good, you have no popcorn, and you have no reason to stay up?

Oh but it is my friends, oh but it is. Trust me, it's happened to me.


Um for starters, not all Friday nights are going to be jammed pack full of fun. Sometimes they can be quite boring. Like last Friday night, I had nothing to do. There were no good movies, no friends of mine were visiting, no popcorn, and no reason to stay up. So you see? Not all friday nights are going to be super fun.

"Um, well . . ."

Exactly. Friday nights can be boring.

Very boring indeed. Muhahaha!