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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The case of the missing chicken.

A week from today (or something like that), Mary Paddock (my mother) placed two frozen chicken packages on the counter, then she just left them there. Over the hour my family all went through the kitchen, seeing the two chickens placed there. But there was a moment of silence in the kitchen, no entered the kitchen, or left it, it was empty.

My mother went back into the chicken an asked, "Where did that chicken package go?" We all started to look for it; but we searched for an hour, still no sign of the chicken package. Another hour passed and still no sign of it at all. After a few minutes of research, here are the possibilities we suggested:

A. Aliens; we believe that aliens wanted to see what exactly we humans ate, so they froze time and abducted the chicken package and unfroze time and left. The proof for this, well there isn't exactly any, but there was a short time where I didn't remember anything, so that obvious proof that aliens did it.

B. Solomon, the dog we put down a few weeks ago, came back from the dead and took it. The proof for this is, when he was still alive, he loved chicken, and few days ago a bottle high up on the counter, was found in another dogs bed, the cap screwed off and completely open. The strange thing is, we started taking those vitamins when he was older, and he hated them. So he may of figured the other dog would like them.

C. A vortex in our house took it. The proof for this is, objects just disappear around our house. Here's an actual documented case of this happening:
Me and my brother[s] were just throwing a toy ball over the house, we had thrown it over many more times before, and it always landed on the other side of the house. It was my toy ball and I wanted it back, but my brother said, 'no' and through it over any way. We all ran over to the other side of the house, but the toy ball was nowhere to be found. We all looked around but it was NOWHERE AT ALL! We looked and looked and still nothing, we even went on the roof, it wasn't there either, still to this day, that toy ball is missing, nowhere to be found.

After careful observation, possibility (B) is the most possible out of all of them, but possibility (C) has strong support to. Really, we do not no where it is today, strange.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

I've always found it creepy when a website emails you saying they 'miss' you.

So I was just cleaning out my inbox, and you know what I saw? I saw an email from a website that I signed up for a long while back that said, "We've miss you!" Now I just find it creepy how a website, 'misses you.' It isn't thoughtful, or nice, but it's just plain creepy. Knowing that a website 'misses you.' Because all of it is just some coding, but it has the ability to feel emotion? I personally find this very creepy, but you may not think about it.

But it doesn't just feel sadness, it can feel anger and happiness too. Website will email me saying that they are 'happy' that I signed up for them, or they are angry that you have broken their rules.

I just fined this concept rather creepy, I know it's automatic, but who knows? Maybe a website really can miss you.

The Other Gods, first chapter.

The Other Gods

Chapter: 1

Another day in heaven. Not one thing wrong, all the things in universe were working perfectly together, not one thing wrong at all. Except a conflict between two people. Well, not really people, they weren’t like you or me. They were a little more important, a little more major then you or me; they weren’t people at all, they were Gods.

Some of the most important Gods too. Zeus and Ares were arguing over one of the most argued matters even before Zeus over threw the titans. The idea of creating more Gods and Goddess.

“I’M TELLING YOU ZEUS THIS IS A HORRIBLE IDEA!” Ares was filled with rage, his voice echoed through the entire earth, but it only sounded like thunder to the people. “THE LAST GODS WERE HORRIBLE! ALL THEY DID IS SIT AROUND AND DO NOTHING BUT GET THE THINGS THEY WANTED!”

“Well maybe these will be a lot better off!” Zeus was a considerable amount calmer then Ares. “Especially if you teach them Ares! They never did pay attention to me, but maybe they will pay attention you!” Zeus didn’t seem to understand what Ares was saying. “Besides what was the worst thing those Gods did wrong?”

Ares just stared at Zeus for several seconds before saying, “Well let’s see, the God of Jokes you created told the people to build ‘a magnificent temple ten stories to honor your God’s name!’ Then after fifteen years of construction on those poor people’s part, he said good job! Then he knocked it all down and laughed, then turned all of their live stock pink and green!”

Zeus laughed and said, sitting down in his huge throne, “So? It was pretty funny you have to admit that!”

Ares could not believe what he was hearing; and the fact that it was coming out of Zeus mouth made the entire thing worst! Ares hesitated and said, “Lord Zeus, do you honestly think that these Gods will be any better?”

There was no hesitation on Zeus part when he said, “Well they might be better.”


“Well they would be better if you taught them!” Zeus smiled and smiled at Ares. But it wasn’t really a pleasant smile. It was a smile that said, you’re going to do this rather you like or not .

“But—“Ares started to argue, but he stopped. He knew if he continued to argue, Zeus would do something unspeakable. “Very well.” Ares sighed.

“Great! I’ll create them tomorrow!” Zeus smiled, staring at Ares.

Ares knew what Zeus was going to ask next. He knew the answer Zeus wanted to hear. But Ares really didn’t want to answer them. But he had to otherwise he could be in deep trouble.

“Now,” Zeus said happily, “What Gods do you think I should create? Maybe another god of jokes . . . those tend to be really funny. What do you think Ares?”

“NO!” Ares shouted with anger. “WE DO NOT NEED ANOTHER ONE OF THOSE!”

“Why not?” Zeus asked Ares; shooting him an expression that said, I am going to do it anyway.

Ares knew Zeus would do it anyway but he just had to say, “Remember what I told you what the last one did to those people?”

“So?” Zeus frowned. “Well I’m going to do it anyway.”

“Yes Zeus.” Ares said, walking out of the room.

“But before you go, Ares, what other gods do you think I should create?”

“That’s completely up to you Zeus.” Ares glared; but Zeus couldn’t see it.

“Alright then.” Zeus said happily.

When Ares was walking down the stone hall, he thought to himself, “how about a god of stupidity? That would be your one and true god . . .”