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Friday, June 11, 2010

"Goodbye precious memories!"

"Goodbye precious memories!" Says a 40 year old man who is still living with his mother, in her basement; on the computer hacking peoples computers and deleting there precious family pictures, and or memories.

It's people like them who are the only ones that play games like Evony, and Dragons and dungeons.

"They are the ones who sit in dark corners all day and make things that humanity hates, like algebra." Says my brother Joseph.

Those 40 year old men also sit in front of comments of news articles just looking for some one to flame. In my mind these people must have some kind of mental disease. A disease that makes them hate humanity for simple little things like: they didn't get that ice cream cone they wanted when they were little so they started to hate humanity.

These people are sad, they are lonely, and they have no lives or friends. They just want a friend or companion.

But some of them just simply hate humanity. So if some one hacks your computer and deletes some of there photos, or flames you for saying something in comments that "offends" them, don't feel bad or anything, just remember: they act like big people online, but in real life, they are 40 year old men who are everything I just describe above, they are simply, nerds. . .

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