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Thursday, March 17, 2011

So, the world is supposedly suppose to end on May 11, 2011.

I was looking up "end of the world" for fun, and I ran across several sites that said exactly this:
"Since some guy added up dates in the Bible, and all of them put together equals 11/5/11 that is the obvious end of the world. Even thought this guy was wrong several years ago, and years before that, we still believe him today! Prepare yourselves people, THE END IS NEAR!"

Now, I have one problem with this, this guy really has tried to predict "the end" yet he was wrong about three times before, yet people think he'll be right *this time*. I have to say something as a Christian, the dates in the Bible, NO MATTER HOW YOU ADD, OR SUBTRACT, OR MULTIPLY, OR EVEN DIVIDE THEM, YOU WILL NOT EVEN COME CLOSE TO PREDICTING THE END!

People need to realize that YOU cannot predict the end, nor the angles, or Jesus, just God himself . . .

Though I have to say something that is pretty creepy, I was once having this dream of the end of the world, people were screaming outside, and me, and all of the other Christians were all going up in a bus to heaven (somehow we all fit in there), and I saw a big stone block that had these words on it, "The end, xgxghxhxhxxhgxhxg (it really said that), May 11, 2011." Now, here comes the creepy part, I dreamed about that before I heard about this guy tying to predict the end . . . creepy isn't it?

Monday, March 14, 2011

I'm back!

Sorry I haven't been blogging in while, there just hasn't been much to blog about . . . but now that things have started happening again, there is stuff to blog about about! :D