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Saturday, June 5, 2010

You know whats irritating about writing. . .?

You you sit down in-front of the computer and say: "Okay now I'm going write! But first check my email, then play some solitaire, read an article or two . . ." ect. Then when you finally sit down in-front of your story you start to type, and then you think: "Hay! Wait, I just thought of another book!" Then you start write that one, then you get bored; and you go surf on the internet.

And when you FINALLY start to write your story, you think: "I'm to tired I'll write tomorrow." And you put of writing for a couple days. And thats irritating!

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  1. My stories are all in my head first. And then they just burst out of my fingers and onto the key board. I met another writer who cannot write on the computer. That mystifies me. If I had to wait on my fingers to finish a word, why I'd never get anything done. What I'm saying is that we all have our own ways, and you will find what works for you as well.