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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Capturing the beast.

By beast I mean bird. For at least a day I was trying to get a good picture of a bird...
Although this really isn't the bird I wanted; I wanted to get a picture of a wood pecker. BUT NO THE WOOD PECKER JUST FLEW AWAY! But still this a pretty good picture anyway!

I'll just try next time! When I've finally "captured the beast."


  1. Hi, Sam! I hope you can catch that woodpecker soon! If you can sprinkle salt on the bird's tail, it won't be able to fly away, and you can take as many pics as you want. :)

  2. Sam, I have to tell you that photographing birds is the hardest thing ever. At least for me. A couple years back, I had an indigo bunting in my yard. Try as I might, I was never ever able to get his picture. Your picture of the nuthatch turned out very nicely though. I guess that maybe the best pictures are the ones you end up with when you're trying to photograph something else.

  3. Thank you for commenting!


    I tried sprinkling salt on the birds tail!
    The bird didn't like that very much...

    I'm still pulling out beak pieces from my arm...
    There's another one!