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Thursday, January 13, 2011

What a great way to start out the new year!

I was truly disturbed when I heard this, 5000 birds just dropping out of the sky, dead. I've done some research on this, and heres what I wrote down:

Bird deaths, Natural, Biblical, or Human?

I’ve been doing some reading on this odd event, and the experts say the whole thing is “natural and it happens all the time, just not in these numbers . . .”

Their explanations are this, fireworks, they crashed into something very large, or some disease. Now I’m going to state all of my opinions on these theories or “explanations”.

First off, let’s start with the fireworks theory. Here’s how it goes; people were setting off fireworks, and having fun. But the fireworks blinded the birds and all of them just flew into buildings, trees, or even planes! All of the birds becoming blinded and flying into buildings, all at once . . . now the problem is, those birds don’t fly at night, and people set off fireworks all of the time on new year’s eve, but 5000 birds didn’t drop dead just because of fireworks, that go off every year! Once again, those birds don’t fly at night, so something would have had to disturb them enough to set them off.

Secondly, flying into to something very large. Their proof for this is, they found signs of head trauma in the birds, so they must of flown into something large. Now, what I think about this is, of course there is going to be trauma, they hit the ground! Another question is, what would of they hit? An alien space ship? A plane? Telephone wires? Or just some large invisible object just floating up there, waiting for the birds to come!

Now thirdly is a disease. I personally believe this is the most possible one, but what disease? It could be anything really! Some type of flu, some type of virus only spread through these types of birds, or just some severe cold. But the thing is, they said they didn’t find any sign of disease! So it’s probably not that either!

My entire point is, nobody knows what really killed these poor little birds. Maybe one day, they decided that they didn’t want to live anymore, so they just stopped living.

Or this truly is a sign that judgment day is coming. Most likely not, but who knows, maybe god is giving us a heads up . . .

Thank you for reading,

Samuel Andrew Paddock, a 12 year old boy who expresses his thoughts a lot.

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